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Metal Powder Application Range
Nov 09, 2018

Metal powder can be used as a raw material for powder metallurgy products, and can also be directly applied.

Industrial raw materials

The metal powder used in this aspect mainly contains iron, tungsten, molybdenum, copper, cobalt, nickel, titanium, bismuth, aluminum, tin, lead and the like, and the consumption amount accounts for about 2/3 of the total output of the metal powder.

Direct application

The direct application of metal powders is extensive. E.g:

1 electrode, flame cutting process with iron powder.

2 spraying, spray welding, fusion welding with Ni-Cr-B-Si, Fe-Cr-B-Si, Co-Cr-W alloy powder and nickel-clad aluminum or aluminum oxide, nickel or cobalt-coated tungsten carbide The powder is coated. Used to enhance the wear, heat and corrosion resistance of the workpiece surface.

3 ultra-fine aluminum powder for rocket solid fuel.

4 The catalyst uses nickel, iron and cobalt powder.

5 Magnetic powder for clutches, cassettes and copiers, such as iron-based alloy powder.

6 Explosives, fireworks, iron, nickel, cobalt, manganese, magnesium, aluminum, aluminum-magnesium alloy and other powders.

7 Aluminum, magnesium, iron powder, etc. are used for deoxidizers, chemical reagents, metal thermal reducing agents, and displacers.

8 surface coloring, decoration, paint pigments, paint aluminum, copper and other powders.

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