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Magnetic Powder Core
Nov 09, 2018

The magnetic powder core is a soft magnetic material which is prepared by mixing ferromagnetic particles and an insulating medium.

Since the ferromagnetic particles are very small (0.5 to 5 micrometers used at high frequencies) and are separated by non-magnetic electrically insulating membrane materials, on the one hand, the eddy current can be isolated, the material is suitable for higher frequencies; The gap effect between the two causes the material to have low magnetic permeability and constant magnetic permeability; and because the particle size is small, the skin phenomenon does not occur substantially, and the magnetic permeability changes with frequency. Mainly used for high frequency inductors. The magnetic properties of the magnetic powder core mainly depend on the magnetic permeability of the powder material, the size and shape of the particles, their filling factor, the content of the insulating medium, the molding pressure and the heat treatment process. Commonly used magnetic powder cores are iron powder core, permalloy powder core and iron silicon aluminum powder core. The effective magnetic permeability μe of the magnetic core and the calculation formula of the inductance are: μe=(L×le×10)/4×π×N×Ae where: L is the inductance (enjoy), and le is the effective magnetic path length of the magnetic core. (cm), N is the number of winding turns, and Ae is the effective cross-sectional area (cm) of the core.

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