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High Throughput Sequencing
Nov 09, 2018

According to the history of development, influence, sequencing principles and technology, there are mainly the following: Massively Parallel Signature Sequencing (MPSS), Polymeris Cloning (Plonony Sequencing), 454 Pyrosequencing (454 pyrosequencing) , Illumina (Solexa) sequencing, ABI SOLiD sequencing, ion semiconductor sequencing (Ion semiconductor sequencing), DNA nanoball sequencing, and the like.

High-throughput sequencing technology is a revolutionary change to traditional sequencing, sequencing hundreds of thousands to millions of DNA molecules at a time, so in some literature it is called next generation sequencing. The epoch-making changes, along with high-throughput sequencing, make it possible to perform detailed analysis of the transcriptome and genome of a species, so it is also known as deep sequencing.

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