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Reduce the loss of the inductor core
Nov 09, 2018

Everyone knows that inductive cores are a product that is used in many electronic products, such as mobile phones, MP3s, MP4s, computers, converters, transformers, and LED TV displays. And everyone should also know that electronic products have a certain loss in the process of use, and the inductor core is no exception. However, if the loss of the inductor core is too large, the service life of the inductor core will be reduced, and in serious cases, the normal operation of the product using the inductor core will be affected. So how do we reduce the loss of the inductor core?

The reason why the inductor core produces losses:

The loss of the chip inductor core is mainly derived from the core loss and the coil loss, and the magnitude of the loss in these two aspects needs to be judged according to its different circuit modes. Among them, the core loss is mainly caused by the alternating magnetic field in the core material, and the loss generated by it is a function of the operating frequency and the total flux swing (ΔB), which greatly reduces the effective conduction loss. The coil loss is due to the energy loss caused by the change of magnetic energy, which reduces the strength of the magnetic field when the power inductor current decreases.

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