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Nov 09, 2018

Permalloy is often referred to as an iron-nickel alloy with a nickel content in the range of 30 to 90%. It is a soft magnetic alloy that is widely used. Magnetic properties can be effectively controlled by a suitable process, such as an initial permeability exceeding 105, a maximum permeability exceeding 106, a coercivity as low as 2 ‰ Oersted, a rectangular coefficient close to 1 or close to 0, Permalloy with a face-centered cubic crystal structure has good plasticity and can be processed into an ultra-thin band of 1 μm and various forms of use. Commonly used alloys are 1J50, 1J79, 1J85, and the like. The saturation magnetic induction of 1J50 is slightly lower than that of silicon steel, but the magnetic permeability is several times higher than that of silicon steel, and the iron loss is also 2 to 3 times lower than that of silicon steel. 

It is made into a transformer with a higher frequency (400~8000Hz) and has a small no-load current. It is suitable for making small and high frequency transformers below 100W. 1J79 has good comprehensive performance, suitable for high frequency and low voltage transformers, leakage protection switch core, common mode inductor core and current transformer core. The initial magnetic permeability of 1J85 can reach more than 100,105, which is suitable for low-frequency or high-frequency input and output transformers, common mode inductors and high-precision current transformers.

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