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magnetic powder
Nov 09, 2018

Magnetic powder, a hard magnetic single domain particle. It is made into a magnetic paste with a binder, a solvent, etc., and coated on the surface of a plastic or metal substrate (support) to form a magnetic recording material such as a magnetic tape, a magnetic disk, or a magnetic card. Magnetic powder is the core component of magnetic coatings and is the main factor determining the magnetic properties of magnetic recording media. Magnetic powder has a great influence on the properties of magnetic recording materials. Therefore, there are certain requirements for the magnetic powder: 1 is larger than the saturation magnetization σs and the coercive force Hc; 2 the particles are fine needle-like and uniform; 3 have high dispersibility and filling in the magnetic slurry; 4 magnetic stability. It is difficult for the magnetic powder to satisfy the above requirements at the same time. Commonly used magnetic powders are oxide magnetic powder and metal magnetic powder.

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