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Magnetic flux properties
Nov 09, 2018

The magnitude of the magnetic flux passing through a plane can be visually illustrated by the number of magnetic lines passing through this plane. In the same magnetic field, where the magnetic induction is greater, the magnetic induction line is denser. Therefore, the larger B, the larger S, the larger the magnetic flux, which means the more the number of magnetic lines passing through this face. If there is two magnetic fluxes in opposite directions in one plane, the combined magnetic flux at this time is the algebraic sum of the magnetic fluxes in the opposite direction (that is, the magnetic flux remaining after the magnetic flux cancellation is reversed).

The Gauss's theorem of the magnetic field states that the magnetic flux through an arbitrarily closed surface is zero, that is, it indicates that the magnetic field is passive, and there is no source or tail that emits or converges magnetic lines of force, that is, there is no isolated magnetic monopole. B in the above formula may be either a magnetic field generated by a current or a magnetic field generated by a varying electric field, or a sum of the two.

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