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Chromium dioxide magnetic powder
Nov 09, 2018

In 1961, DuPont of the United States published a hydrothermal method for synthesizing single-phase ferromagnetic chromium dioxide. Commercial production began in 1967. Chromium dioxide has a high Hc and other properties are superior to γ-Fe2O3, and is mainly used for high-grade tapes and video tapes. Chromium dioxide is obtained by decomposing chromium trioxide at a high temperature (400 to 525 ° C) high pressure (50 to 300 MPa). The addition of a catalyst reduces the reaction temperature and pressure. Such magnetic powders have not been widely used due to disadvantages such as high cost and large wear on the magnetic head. Work is currently underway to improve chromium dioxide, such as preparation and cobalt-coated studies at atmospheric pressure.

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