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Amorphous and nanocrystalline soft magnetic alloy
Nov 09, 2018

Since the 1970s, China has started research and development of amorphous alloys. After the completion of major scientific and technological projects during the "Sixth Five-Year Plan", "Seventh Five-Year Plan" and "Eighth Five-Year Plan" period, 134 scientific research achievements have been obtained, and the National Invention Award has been won. 2 items, 16 patents, and nearly 100 alloy varieties. The Iron and Steel Research Institute now has four amorphous alloy strip production lines and one amorphous alloy component core production line. Production of various types of iron-based, iron-nickel-based, cobalt-based and nanocrystalline strips and iron cores, suitable for core components of inverter power supplies, switching power supplies, power transformers, leakage protectors, inductors, with an annual output value of nearly 2000 Ten thousand yuan. The "Ninth Five-Year Plan" is establishing a thousand-ton iron-based amorphous production line and entering the international advanced level.

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